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Photo: Geir Dyvik, Voss

This years extreme sport week 2002 was a success, even though the weather Gods were not fully cooperating. The first days har rain and low temperatures, but finally the sun appeared, the temperature increased, and so did the spirit. It was finally possible to thermal. A SIV was arranged with 27 partisipants, organized by Alex Louw and Rob Cruikshank, there was an acro course and acro competition with some of the best pilots in the world like Robbie Whittall and the spanish SAT-brothers Felix and Raul Rodriguez, and a helicopter lift was done to the mountain Lønahorgi with nearly 100 pilots.

The raft landing competition had to be cancelled due to wind in the afternoon, and no flights was regisytered for the open distance cross country competition.

Acro cpmpetition

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The spanish SAT-brothers impressed. Here is one of them approaching the raft with lots of speed, but hits the raft perfectly.

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Raol Rodriguez was just as good (red canopy). Robbie Whittall with the white glider gets his ass wet, but makes it to the raft.

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Robbie Whittall looping
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Landing in "death-spiral"

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Ole Jørgen Løvland is picked up by the boat, but the crowd loved his spirit.
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Also Stein Egil Mangset from Oslo gave it all.
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This Austrian got wet several times. Loved cold water?
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Fridjof cruising with motor.

LInstruktorSikkerhetskurs.jpg (10579 bytes)
Instructors at the SIV: Robin Cruickshank og Alex Louw, og Per as secretary.
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Audience during the acro competition.
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Some took it easy....
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Robbie Whittall questioned after the acro competition.
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When the sea breeze appeared the landing site turned into a colourful field. The spanish pilots impressed again with their excellent glider control.

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Due to the low cloud base the helicopter had to land at appox 1100 m asl at Lønahorgi. And after waiting in a mix of rain, sleet, sun and clouds, everybody flew safely down.

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Every afternoon the skydivers had competitions or shows at the landing. High speed and lots of energy in those, small canopies!

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